The ‘Media’ (Yawn) and Lack of Gender Equality

I really must learn to stop preaching to the converted…read on and see why.

watching tvMy poor husband is getting a tad exasperated by the fact that we can’t sit down together to watch a film or TV programme without me pointing out the inherent sexism on screen.

So am I.

It usually goes something like this:

Me: Of course, any minute now the woman will be naked. Oh there we go, full frontal of the woman.  Even though this is a film about a sex therapist and a disabled man we are not ever going to see the man naked. Far too undignified for a chap to show his penis….

Him: (resignedly) I know….

Me: I’ve counted two roles for women in this film, the rest are all men.

Him: Yes….you mentioned it earlier…

Me: Look at that! 9 men and one woman on that panel. I wonder how she feels?

Him: You said that last week…

Me: What a ridiculous advert! I don’t know any women who orgasm over soap powder. I certainly don’t!

Him: I know….sighing

Anything similar play out in your household?

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