The Honeycombs – Early Pioneers of Female Equality?

I have no idea why this suddenly popped into my head. I think it may have been because I had BBC Radio 2 gently playing in the background honeycarltondrumsas I was working and one of their records must have taken me back 50 years. For whatever reason, I suddenly had this vision of the sixties group, The Honeycombs.

I wasn’t an avid fan, in fact I was about 8 or 9 when they first appeared on the screen. They have a firm place in my memory, however, because in the fiercely gendered world of the *sixties

they had a female drummer!

And my memory was, that although her gender was obviously commented upon, this drummer was as good as any other drummers in pop groups at the time and didn’t go overboard on the ‘dolly’ bird look. She simply played drums and let them speak for her.

So I Googled The Honeycombs and this is what I found:


(If this doesn’t open for you, click here.)

A little more digging unearthed that she was actually called Honey Lantree. No idea what she’s doing now though so if you know, please share.

The fact that the image of her has remained with me through all these years underlines the importance of role models for girls. I didn’t go onto become a drummer, it’s true, but I do bang the drum for women….

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*it might have been swinging but women were on the swings still, with the men pushing and pulling as they saw fit…


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