Stop Being Average. Really, Stop it Now!


Average. It’s not really an aspirational  word, is it? No one aspires to be ‘average’. Disregarding the mathematical meaning, here’s a standard (average) definition of average:

An amount, standard, level, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary:

Do you want to be living an average life?

You are extraordinary.

You are unique.

You have endless opportunities to reinvent and change yourself.

However bad things may look, there is always an opportunity to begin to make changes, to aspire to be beyond average.

Take a few minutes to think about areas where you can be, or already are, above average. Think across all areas of your life: you may be an above average friend, an above average partner, an above average colleague, an above average choir member … You get the picture. Take a pen and try to list about 5 ways you can rise above the average.

And then put it into practice!

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3 Responses to “Stop Being Average. Really, Stop it Now!”

  1. As women we tend to conditioned not to praise ourselves and not to appear ‘over confident’ I know so many friends and colleagues who can give praise but cannot accept it! I did as suggested – took 5 mins to think about where I am average or above average and I found many areas that I had not really considered before. Time to stop accepting that position for me and time to rise above to where I belong!! 2015 will be a great year and I intend to embrace it with vigour..

  2. Totally agree, Jane. Every average or “ordinary” woman has the potential to be absolutely extraordinary in one way or another. Look inside and find what’s extraordinary about you. Then share it with the world. 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Thank you both for your comments. I generally find that the RenewYou trainers I work with are always above average! Keep on with the good work throughout 2015. ;>)

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