Psst, Do You Want To Know a Secret?

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People often ask me, “What’s your secret, Jane?” They mean, how have I managed to end up running a successful business that I clearly love to bits.

I tell them it wasn’t always this way. For quite a long period of my life my work was interesting and rewarding but it wasn’t my dream. It didn’t fill me with happiness and a warm glow, and there were many days when I went home and thought ‘I don’t think I’ve achieved anything particularly useful at all today.’

And when I was a bit fed up at work I used to retreat into my secret dream.

Do you have a secret dream?

If you could be doing anything you wanted with your life right now, what would it be?

Having a secret dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unhappy with your life. In fact, secret dreams can enhance our happiness as thinking about them brings a smile to our face and can help us through difficult times.

Dreams are lovely places of refuge and dreams can come true. For approximately 10 years I had the dream of running my own business. Not just any business but one that I felt was ‘useful and fair’ and meant that I could do what I loved every day, working with women to improve their lives. It was a great dream that kept me going on the intermittent days I hated my job and when going to work was a real chore. For a long time I never thought I had any chance of achieving my dream, and to be honest didn’t really do much about making it happen as I’d assumed it couldn’t.

Until one day I took some time out and really and seriously thought about it.

One year after my time out day, I left my permanent job and began making my dream a reality.

If you have a cherished dream it will stay that way for as long as you leave it in the dark. A dream. But if you take it out, have a good look at it and think about what you could do to make it a reality, you’ll have made a start. Give yourself the gift of some time and space to explore what you really want to do.

So where will your dream start?

If you’d like to start now click the arrow and listen to my audio visualisation which will kick start your wonderful imaginings…

   Your Perfect Working Day



It’ll get you in a great frame of mind to think about what you want from life. I hope you enjoy it.

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