Plumptious & Gorgeous Women, I Love You!

Visitors to my home are sometimes a bit taken aback at the artwork on our walls. I have a wonderful collection of Beryl Cook’s pictures on my wall and they tend Berylto be a love or hate experience, but whatever people’s views, they are always a topic of conversation.

I absolutely love them.

Why? Because they are full of gorgeous, plumptious women entirely happy in their own skin. They make me smile every time.

Would that the world were full of women just like them.

Pictured is a *Beryl on my office wall. It is the first one that was published after her death in 2008, I think it’s brilliant! It’s called ‘Drinkies’.

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Here’s the picture in full. You can see more of Beryl’s work on *The Official Beryl Cook websitedrinkies by Beryl Cook


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