No More Page Three Video Triumph

I’ve been a supporter of the No More Page Three campaign since it started (check out this early interview with one of the founders, Lucy Ann Holmes). No More Page Three is a campaign group committed to removing photos of bare breasted women and girls, (posing provocatively on page three each day) from a best selling daily U.K. newspaper. They believe, as do I, that this is disrespectful to women and is a contributing factor in the continuing inequality between the genders. They’ve received a lot of support and also a lot of attacks during their short existence.

I am always happy to bang loudly on the drum for them so am thrilled to bring you this first video release,  made for NMP3 free of charge, by a group called Free Seed Films (hooray to them). It was released on October 14th, 2014.

The No More Page Three Video

(If you aren’t able to view the video, please try this link instead; it will take you to the You Tube page.)

Clever, yet subtle. I gasped when she lit up her cigarette, did you? For more of my life than not, smoking in public was considered a given right. I might not have liked it, but it was widespread. For most of my life naked women in a daily newspaper have been ‘normal’. I hope I live to see the day when that seems as ridiculous and as offensive as lighting up in a public space. More power to the No More Page Three elbows!

Find out more about the No More Page Three campaign here.

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