New Beginnings

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Do you find September a great month for new beginnings?

I know January is traditionally the big month of resolutions but not for me.

I’ve always loved September; it must be a throwback to my times of school and university but the Autumn always sees me full of life and raring to go. I’m not really a great summer lover and heat makes me slothful and sleepy. But give me that first nip of a slight chill in the air, the rustle of fallen leaves, the smell of bonfires, and I’m up and at ’em. I’m like a demented squirrel, happily gathering nuts from all over!

How about you? Is the Autumn/Fall an energising time for you or do you feel like hibernating?

I’m very much ‘up’ today. It’s my favourite time for revisiting my aspirations and aims and that includes my one million project and RenewYou for passionate trainers. I have a licensing event running early next month and I genuinely can’t wait to get going. Watch out the Midlands!

In truth, it doesn’t really matter when you do it; a little stocktaking of one’s aims and aspirations is welcome any time. Try and give yourself 10 minutes today to reflect, and ask yourself this question: am I living my life consciously, doing the things I want with passion and energy, or is time drifting by?

You can see all the details on RenewYou licensing by clicking this link.


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