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We’ve been busy getting ready for our London Licensing course for the last few weeks.  It feels like quite a milestone. In February 2013 there was just one RenewYou specialist.


Last year I did something I’d thought about for years but for one reason and another I hadn’t done anything about it. Which meant my dream stayed a dream, as dreams do until you take your courage in your hands and actually do something.

Of course I was a bit scared and apprehensive. I was laying my wares before some excellent trainers and maybe it might not work, they might not like it, I might fall flat on my face. I took the plunge anyway.

By close of play on Monday 16th June 2014 we will have 60 licensed trainers across the world, all women delivering RenewYou to women. I’m so proud of my wonderful trainers and I’m so glad that I took the risk. Thank you all for helping to spread the word; I really appreciate it.

If you have a long held dream take a few minutes now to think of one thing you can do to begin to make it a reality. Then do it.

Repeat the process as necessary.

RenewYou – Women helping women to be successful.

To see a full list of all trainers, just click here.

PS If you’ve been thinking about becoming a RenewYou specialist you haven’t missed the boat, the next event is in September in the Midlands.


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