Don’t Repeat 2014 – Be Even Better!


We have something exciting happening in 2015!

We’re having a RenewYouathon!

OK, that’s not a real word *so if you have a better one let me know. This is what it is: as many of our RenewYou trainers as possible are planning to put on a RenewYou course in the days leading up to, on, and after March 8th; we’re spreading the word to as many women as we can that week.  You can take part in the US, in Australia, and all across the UK. I’m so excited at the thought of hundreds of women getting renewed that week and then getting out there being simply wonderful. Look out world, RenewYou women are coming!

If you’ve been thinking about making 2015 your best year ever, what better way than joining us in March on a day when the achievements of women the world over are celebrated! I’ll be giving 10% of all the profits on the sales of RenewYou journals to Womankind, a great charity which helps women to help themselves across the world.

If you can’t wait until March, then January is a brilliant time to RenewYou and we have a course for you then. Check out the course dates here.

Working for women, RenewYou  Simply click on the map nearest to where you live.

PS I rarely do purely promotional posts so I hope you’ll forgive me this one time; I’m just so thrilled at the idea of RenewYou really making a positive difference to women in the week of International women’s day!  Do join us and please do share this with friends who might be interested. Thank you.

*If you do come up with a better word I’ll send you a RenewYou bag!


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