If Not Now, When?

You may not have heard of Anne Sweeney but she has inspired this post. Anne was/is the President of the Disney-ABC Televison group and has announced her intention to leave at the end of 2014. She’s leaving because she wants to pursue a career as a TV producer. Much surprise has been expressed at her willingness to give up such a highly paid, high profile role. She has responded:

“When you sit behind these big desks you don’t truly get to touch the creative process and that is an opportunity I want to give myself. If not now, when?”

Indeed, if not now, when?

I gave up my comfortable role (in sense of reasonable salary, pension, known quantity etc) a little over 10 years ago, in my late 40s. It wasn’t brought about by redundancy or closures but by my own desire to follow a path I’d comfort dreamed about for ages when things got a bit tough. I woman dreamingexpect you know what I mean: I’d escape into my daydream of running my own business, doing something really meaningful to me in line with my values, yet still helping people. And then I’d ‘wake up’ and get on with the day job. Until one day, I truly woke up and  decided to actually do something about it.

If you have a dream to do something different and more fulfilling with your life, ask yourself regularly:

If not now, when?

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Photo Credit: Ben Earwicker Garrison Photography, Boise, ID www.garrisonphoto.org


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