How To Solve Problems!

Forgive the slightly tongue in cheek title; I’m not really writing a very worthy piece on how to solve all the problems in your life (although if you’d like something of that ilk do read How To Solve a Problem).

Instead, I have a question for you:

Do you view life as a series of problems to be solved?

You may even relish the challenge and be good at it. In fact, everyone may bring you their problems to solve, or to borrow your sympathetic ear.

The trouble with problems is that they are generally…well, trouble. And the trouble with that is we can tend to get hung up on negative stuff, things that have gone wrong. And when we focus on one area that can be all that we see not leaving enough room for the good stuff.

So how about trying a quick mind flip for a few days?

Remember how exciting things could be when you were a child?  Everything new was an adventure. For the next few days, channel your inner child. View life as a series of adventures to throw yourself into from which you learn and enjoy life so much more. See the good and the fun in life.

What adventure are you having today?

(My awfully big adventure is my RenewYou project which is teaching me so much. More information on that is here.)

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