How To Make a Difference

Sometimes it feels that we’re too small and insignificant in the general scheme of things to really make a difference. It’s understandable but I fear that way madness lies; if we keep quiet that leaves air space for the naysayers to claim the ground.

Check out the recent example of Emma Watson, an actor who made her views known on gender equality. She received a torrent of on line abuse. She also received a torrent of on line support to counteract that: how many of us tutted away when we read about the abuse meted out to her and thought, “my two penn’oth won’t count” and stayed quiet.

The truth is we can make a difference and we do count. There are a lot of pennyworths in a million pounds. Don’t let yourself be silenced, throw your penny into the pot, and let people be clear about where you stand. You do count.

We’re trying to make a difference with our RenewYou programme for women. All details here.

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  1. I guess it’s all about taking that first step and I applaud Emma Watson for doing just that.

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