Go Mad, Go Crayon!

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I may be a bit weird, (don’t all answer at once) but I really love coloured pencils. Just looking at that picture gives me pleasure. In many of my courses and one to one work, I encourage participants to inject a bit of colour into their lives. It’s not art work as such, just another way of looking at things.  Doing things differently now and again generates a different result.

If you’re ever feeling a bit stuck, got a problem you can’t solve, or are just generally listless, disregard any old *head spam messages about being artistic or not, and just get doodling! Mine pictured above are new and I can’t wait to use them. I feel like a schoolgirl on first day of term- I can even smell the leather of my old satchel! (OK, that may be a bit weird…)

Let your crayons and your thoughts wander where they may. No one’s watching.

RenewYou is a one day personal development course I’ve written specially for women. I may even have used coloured crayons.. For an event near you, click here.

*head spam = unwanted messages that pop into your thoughts unbidden and are usually rubbish that stop you getting on with life!


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