Glass Ceilings Look Pretty…

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I wonder how we came up with such an attractive phrase for something so intrinsically unattractive.

The idea is that women can get trapped somewhere in middle management, can see where they want to go but are prevented from reaching it.  I think it’s maybe a bit of a misnomer; you can see right through a glass ceiling, but I often wonder if women actually see a place they want to be. Much of work and business practice has been defined by men, organised to suit men, and consequently are of little appeal to women.

So many women are excluded from positions of leadership, across the world, with relatively little effort being expended to improve the situation. By effort I mean making those positions genuinely gender neutral. By having quotas to ensure that companies are forced to comply with, by changing outdated notions of childcare and parenting, by genuinely making top posts accessible.

Just over 12 years ago I looked up, squarely through the glass ceiling and thought, no, not for me. I left and set up my own business. It’s taken a while but I am now able to run my business according to my rules. (You can find out a bit more here,if you wish).

We need to be able to look through that glass ceiling and see something that we really want

*The term ‘glass ceiling’ was first coined in March 1984 by Gay Bryant, the former editor of Working Woman magazine who was changing jobs to be the editor of Family Circle. In an Adweek article by Nora Frenkel, Bryant was reported as saying, “Women have reached a certain point—I call it the glass ceiling. They’re in the top of middle management and they’re stopping and getting stuck. There isn’t enough room for all those women at the top. Some are going into business for themselves. Others are going out and raising families.”

RenewYou is part of my ‘womanised’ business. You can find out more about it here.


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