Gender Equality is All About Men Too!

I have been ‘attacked’ (in a very non violent way) several times recently by both men and women who say that feminism and feminists want to ‘do down’ men, happy men and womenthat we malign and denigrate men.

Anyone who speaks out about their views can expect to have them challenged; that’s fine. Here’s my reply.

At the risk of repeating myself, I do not wish to see a world where women perpetuate the patriarchy we currently exist under. I want true gender equality where what men and women bring is valued equally.

I love men, two in particular, my son and my husband. They are feminists, too. If my son and his partner choose to have children I would love for them to have the option of swapping child care leave between them as they do in Scandinavia. I do not want him to be laughed at as his father was, because he asked for paternity leave in 1981 and didn’t want to go out an a ‘bender’ with the other men in the department.

I want the option of part time, flexible work to be open to both my children, son and daughter and their partners, should they want it, without their career suffering or them being viewed as second class. I want to see family friendly policies the norm in all workplaces, including the UK parliament (especially including them!)

I want girls and boys to see that either gender should be judged on ability but that ‘ability’ is not defined through a male prism (ie male attributes are seen as being of more value than female ones).

I don’t want them to see naked women in the Sun newspaper or women used as some kind of commodity to sell everything from cars to pensions. (Incidentally, it seems that doesn’t work as a selling tactic so maybe we’re all getting a bit wiser. Hopefully you’ve already signed the petition to get rid of Page 3 but if not check this out).

I want toys to be toys, not subtle (or not so subtle) ways of reinforcing the status quo, sexualising young girls and giving a terrible message to children.

And I don’t want to read another piece of research that says women’s lack of confidence holds them back. Of course women will lack confidence if they are trying to hold their own in an unequal world. That’s what we need to change and we need everyone to do their bit.

I’m sure you can think of many more examples so please do share.

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