Funny Things Happen in a BBC Bar…

A few months ago I was with my friend, Laura Rawlings and had just made a small contribution to her BBC radio show. She asked me if we could do a longer interview afterwards for her friend’s website, FreelanceMum. Meet me in the BBC bar after the show, she said.

Ooh I thought, how exciting, the BBC bar.

To be honest it wasn’t very; the bar itself was shut so I grabbed a coffee and sat there with my knitting looking out in vain for any famous faces. Didn’t spot any. That might have worked better for me if I’d put my other glasses on though…

Laura came and we began. Of course, in that environment no one takes a blind bit of notice of someone with a microphone shoved in someone’s face and off we went.

The result is below. You can hear the chatter in the background but it doesn’t interfere with the interview. It’s quite a wide ranging conversation but friends say it sounds just like me, so for good or bad, here I am, giving voice to my opinions. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to hear Jane in interview with Laura Rawlings.

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One Response to “Funny Things Happen in a BBC Bar…”

  1. What a lovely interview Jane, so nice to hear more about your background. So true about our position as women and confidence, including the difficulties with not wanting to come out of our comfort zone and take risks. I can identify with that.

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