Friday Coffee Break Tip 1

Coffee lady by Pambot

If you ever find yourself having difficulty in being assertive at work try this:

Don’t say anything, simply listen.

I know it’s counter intuitive but if you are having difficulty in saying what you want to say, and being heard, my guess is that when the other person is speaking, your mind will be busy thinking (or panicking) about your riposte. Take the pressure off yourself and just listen, respectfully and in silence.

Try not to nod too much while listening as men generally nod when they agree and women when they understand. If you are talking with a man he is likely to interpret your nodding as agreement making it harder to accept what you say next in disagreement.

When it is your turn to speak, say something like”Can I just check out I have understood?” and then paraphrase what they have just said to you.

This gives you thinking time and also allows them to correct any misunderstanding; it will also highlight if what has been said is unreasonable, or rude.

Happy Week end!

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One Response to “Friday Coffee Break Tip 1”

  1. I must admit I have in the past found silence to be ‘golden’, I agree an assertive silence can be very effective.

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