Excellence – Do You Give It a ‘Two Fingered Salute’?


I recently read something which struck a chord with me. It was an article about excellence and the writer said most of us stop improving when we get to a certain level. He used the example of keyboard skills. Most people get to a level of two fingered competence and go no further.

I’ve just typed that quite quickly with two fingers; the same way as I’ve done it for years. I realised that I am exactly the proof of the pudding, at least with regard to typing. I haven’t learned to type better, perhaps practising with my eyes closed; I’ve just got a bit faster over the years.

The thing is, typing just doesn’t float my boat. It’s a means to an end, and the means I have at my fingertips is good enough. Sometimes good enough is OK.

Where I do strive for constant improvement is in my passion, my work with women, in coaching, or my RenewYou or Speak Up courses. A half hearted, two fingered effort with those is no good at all. It has to be the best or nothing.

How about you? Which areas of your life are your passion; where second best is just not good enough?


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