Ever Wanted to Reinvent Yourself?

I haven’t. Well, at least not since I *grew up. As a child I was always fantasising about being in an Enid Blyton Famous Five adventure or similar. Or discovering that I could Jane aged 4suddenly do maths and all this trauma about getting numbers wrong was simply a dream. (I’d better admit I still occasionally have that one, but most of the time I’m just glad we invented accountants).

I often come across women who want to be like someone else; occasionally they even say they wish they could be more like me, poor deluded souls. My advice is always just be yourself; no one is better at that than you.

You can’t be anyone else because you are you, unique in all your wonderfulness.

If you don’t feel that maybe it’s because you haven’t got to know yourself very well yet. It can often seem as if the world is conspiring to make women feel inadequate with impossibly glossy ads, masses of diet advice, how to be perfect Mums, wives, career women, and so on ad nauseum. Some days it feels harder to love yourself than others.  Occasionally you need a bulwark against the perfect images that are thrown daily at you from men and women alike. Your hidden talents and traits need to be discovered and celebrated.

Which is all that personal development is really. One way of finding your very best self and getting to know yourself better. Learning to like yourself. You can spend ages focussing on the bits of you that you don’t like but how about focussing on those things that work well?

So try this for the next 15 minutes. Take a pen & paper and list 10, yes TEN, positive things about you.  10 is a very small number as I’m sure you’ll have more, yet lots of us struggle to complete this list. But try hard.

Once you have your ten, look down it and think what is it that you do that makes those 10 come to mind? And then do more of that. Focus on the positive and it grows. Trust me, I’m a personal development specialist!

PS. I was asked recently by a journalist for some diet tips. I replied that really I probably wasn’t the best person to ask as I would reply from a feminist perspective which might not chime well with the tone of her article. I sent her something in anyway and to my surprise she quoted me. You can see it here if you like. Almost all my advice was included except the bit about reading Fat is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach. They obviously felt that was a step too far…

*I can’t tell you when that exactly happened but I just know at some point it did. Although family members may beg to differ…

If you’re interested in spending some time which is focussed solely on you, in a good way, check out my own personal development course called RenewYou. I have wonderful trainers across the country delivering it. Here’s a little bit of background information, too.


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