Do You Use Your Vote?

emmeline pankhurst being carrie doff by a policemanAbove, Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested by police as she protests at women not having the vote.

This is why I have voted in every single election I have ever had the right to.

Always vote, it matters.

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Posted on June 9th, 2014 by

2 Responses to “Do You Use Your Vote?”

  1. marzia says:

    absolutely ! did you know women were invited for the first time to vote in Italy in 1946 and were expressly asked to turn up at the polling stations without wearing lipstick! I always vote and from now on I shall make sure I wear my reddest lipstick on the day !

    • Jane says:

      The ‘no lipstick’ thing is a hoot. What did they think would happen? I will wear it too, in solidarity!

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