Different But No Less Equal

This post has been prompted by some derogatory comments I overheard about transgender people following the recent Eurovison song contest (watch the video above). I really don’t understand the antipathy to transgender people: man to woman, woman to man, it matters not, but there is such a reaction to the way we look. Dare to stray from the norms and you’re in trouble, and women in the public eye know that better than most.

In one of the department stores locally there is a sales assistant who is, I assume, in the transition phase from a man to a woman. I have nothing but respect for her; she must overhear the whispers of customers all day long but she is always smiling and pleasant.  What courage.

I cannot imagine feeling that I’d grown up the wrong gender, never to be at ease in my skin and always feeling so different. I can’t imagine that such a conflicted upbringing would turn out a person brimful of confidence, rather the opposite.

How amazing then, that some transgender people do take that most difficult of steps and choose to live as the sex they actually feel they are.

And how strange that so may of us pillory or tease or taunt them for it rather than standing back in amazement at their courage and bravery.

I run a course for women delivered by women. I have had cause to think through my response to a request coming from a transgender woman trainer to deliver my course to women. I didn’t have to think too long; I’d say yes. I have lots of trainers from across the world currently licensed to deliver RenewYou. My main criteria are that the women are experienced and good trainers with a track record in women’s development. If a transgender woman asked to be considered I’d judge her by those criteria. My trainers come from all sorts of different backgrounds which only enhances the experiences for  women on the course. Each trainer will bring her own special ‘take’ to the material designed to give women a real surge of positivity and confidence. A transgender person could only add to that rich store and offer some more insights to being a woman today.

P.S. This year we have just one RenewYou licensing event taking place in London,and it’s next month. There are still a few places available so if you’re a great trainer with experience of women’s personal development, and would like to add something new to your repertoire, do take a look. Simply click this link to find out more.


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