Dads Doing Housework Has Positive Effect on Daughters’ Career Ambitions

Just spotted this from the Association for Psychological Science. In brief, they have carried out some research that says if Dads get very involved in housework and chores within the home, they are more likely to have daughters who will look outside traditional careers for women and go high flying.

Isn’t that brilliant news! Presumably most men who defy the statistical norm are men who are pro gender equality anyway so I hope that hasn’t skewed the research. But what a huge incentive for all those lovely men to get friendly with the broom. Much more housework is still proportionately done by women, whether they work or not: A study published last summer by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) found that women in Britain still do at least two-thirds of housework, even when they are the main breadwinner. So this is very good news.

Women, stop doing everything at home  as you are disadvantaging your daughters! Men, grab that duster! You know it makes sense…

See the video from the Association for Psychological Research website below:

If you can’t see the video on your device, click this link. And you can read the full precis of the research here.

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2 Responses to “Dads Doing Housework Has Positive Effect on Daughters’ Career Ambitions”

  1. Linda Huckle says:

    I so much agree with this and it doesn’t just impact on girls career ambitions. I have 2 sons and they have grown up in a household where their dad and I have shared housework. They automatically do their bit in the house and I feel this approach has helped them to grow into more mature adults and prepare them for independence.

  2. We’ve not got kids, but my husband was brought up in a household where supporting mum with the chores was a positive thing. He then had to look after her when she’s was terminally ill (He was 9 then). What he does for me as I work more hours than he does is a huge help and support. He does ALL the housework except the laundry. He cooks 5/6 days a week too. He thinks nothing of it and feels sharing tasks is part of being in a relationship and his mum was obviously a great example to him. It’s very true as Linda says, they will grow into more mature adults, with a sense of responsibility and respect.

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