Confidence. Why Men Have It and Women Don’t….

Regular readers will know I’m an avid BBC Radio 4 listener. Occasionally this is bad for my health, as it was this week.

Why Do You Work by Bern21 Stock XchgeThe programme had an item on about some research that showed women have less confidence than men. A short discussion then ensued with some experts saying how women could behave. Nothing new there and I have been blogging about this for years (See So Women, You’ve Got No Confidence? written in 2011, for example.

Cripes, I so wish they’d asked me on. For, unless I was cleaning my teeth at the time, at no point did I hear someone say:

Of course, you do realise that all this research is benchmarking women against men, not using a gender neutral standard.”

Women are always benchmarked in business against men, never the other way round. Why not “men are far too confident at work and take too many risks. Wish we’d had women on all the financial institutions boards?“. Don’t hold your breath – you’ll never hear it. The male standard is the norm.

Or maybe someone could have said:

No wonder study after study shows women lack confidence when they have to operate in a business world designed solely to meet the needs of men. A patriarchy which resists change at all cost, pays women less than men or equivalent work, has very few women in really senior positions anywhere especially in government, and commissions advertising which demeans women

That’s what I’d have flaming well said. But they didn’t ask me….

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PS I do have a course which does boost women’s confidence but it doesn’t  do it by teaching them to be like men. More on that here.

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4 Responses to “Confidence. Why Men Have It and Women Don’t….”

  1. Ooof – I wish they had asked you!
    I hope you sent a copy of this blog to the perpetrator, I mean producer of the offending programme?

  2. Jane, I can feel your blood boiling over here in Canada!

    You’re so right, why be benchmarked against a standard we don’t even want to be measured against. Not fair!!

    IMHO: men just have a better facade than women do as they are ever bit as insecure as we are. Which means we’re just as confident as they are but also more honest too!!

    We’re more honest with ourselves and with others. And as women, we then to have less ego involved in the loss of face in admitting the lack of confidence that we all – men and women – sometimes have.

    Hope you sent your post to the BBC! Cheers!

    Patti Pokorchak, MBA
    Small Biz Sales Coach
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    Author of upcoming book “ The Reinvention Rebel – Live Life Without Regrets!”
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