Cats Are Not At All Like Humans….are they?

Callie cat at the door


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before (ahem) but I have two cats. Yes, I am mad cat lady in waiting and it’s getting closer all the time.

It’s not all fun and fur though; my cats do serve a useful purpose in deepening my understanding of the human condition and here’s how:

My cats are brother and sister found at 3 weeks old by a cat rescue organisation and reared by humans. I sometimes think this may have fuddled their little cat brains as they actually behave more like dogs.  The little girl cat in particular knows my working routine and waits each morning for me to go into the office. She stands at the top of the stairs watching my every move and dashes ahead of me to the place I’m headed. Then she curls up on my office sofa and sleeps while I usually stay awake. The boy cat goes out to play, or sleep. He has to patrol the grounds and scare off the other neighbourhood cats. (Whisper- a job at which he is no good frankly but let’s not tell him.)

Because of the other neighbourhood cats popping in for snack and a nap now and again, we do have to limit their access and the cat flap lets them into the futility room only. They usually want to be in the rest of the house with us and this is their technique for making that happen:

Boy cat, Poddy, (well Padreigh really but only when he’s being reprimanded) stands outside the door and howls. He whines as if his world is coming to an end and however much you want to you can’t ignore the noise. Eventually you cave in, get up and let him in. If you don’t, he throws himself at the door and gets his claws into the small window ledge and hangs on for dear life. Sometimes he can’t unclaw himself quickly enough and the door opens to a cartoon scene of enraged cat hanging on door which he slowly slides down. Then he haughtily stalks off pretending nothing undignified has happened.

Girl cat, Callie, (Calico after the US name for her tortoiseshell colour. We could have called her Tortoise but didn’t want to give her identity confusion), waits patiently at the door for someone to notice her and let her out. If it’s been a while she will make a quiet mewing sound that we sometimes don’t hear. When she wants to come in she has developed the technique of jumping onto the window ledge just outside the door (see picture) and looking plaintively in. Recently she has discovered that if she bangs the glass gently with her face we notice and let her in. But mainly she waits for us to notice her.

The moral of the story is, sometimes we women can wait too long being quiet and polite. We get left outside waiting for someone to notice the good work we’re doing. Sometimes we need to be more like Poddy and shout to get noticed.

But under no circumstances do I recommend sliding down a door.

PS If you love cats ducks etc you’ll love this. What on Earth Have Cats, Kittens & Ducklings Got to Do With Anything?

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