Can You Speak American?

I can, apparently, although I have not yet managed to bring myself to talk about ‘fanny packs’, (although I am happy with saying ‘bum-bags’ out loud, go figure) and I do still get confused about first and second floors when US-Flag1in the US. Very logically the Americans call the first floor in a building, well the first floor. We call it the ground floor. I find American terms so much more literal than ours. I think it’s easier for us in the UK to translate than for our American friends. I mean, what on earth is a lollipop lady? In the US it’s a crossing guard, which makes much more sense.

I am something of an Americanophile; I always enjoy spending time in the US, notwithstanding the long flight, and we have family there too. So I was thrilled to have enquiries from America about my one day course, RenewYou. I’m licensing it out to experienced trainers to deliver but initially was thinking only of the UK. That’ll teach me to think small. In fact, at the time of writing we have 50 excellent RenewYou specialists; most are across the UK naturally, but also in Greece,  Pakistan, Thailand, Belgium, and South Africa with Canada joining in very soon.

But I did wonder how it would translate to an American audience. Would an American audience ‘get it’?

Well, oh me of little faith, it turns out that they do. This Spring, Laura Mansfield delivered the very first ever RenewYou course in the USA and the evaluations were wonderful. Laura completely understood my trainers’ manual and her participants understood the accompanying journal. I used to joke with my American family about being divided by a common language, but when it comes to women’s personal development it seems women understand women and the issues we face wherever we are.

And with RenewYou specialist trainers now popping up across the globe I’m thinking I might need to make a few visits some time soon…

If you’d like to find out where the next RenewYou courses are happening, click this link. And if you are an experienced  trainer interested in adding RenewYou to your repertoire, check this out.



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3 Responses to “Can You Speak American?”

  1. Hi Jane! Yes … it appears the language of “women” is universal!! 🙂

  2. Luckily Canadian English is closer to British English so there should be no message lost in the translation here.

    However, I was amazed at the difference in the definition of fanny, until I told a British friend I was going to pat her on her fanny…… how rude of me! And more bangs for your buck was vetoed by the marketing dept. too.

    it’s always fun being the foreigner and making funny mistakes.

    • Jane says:

      It’s brilliant, isn’t it? I love the differences. But oh dear, I think I have used used Bang for your buck myself! Multilingual…

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