Boxing Women? Why Not!

Anne ElliottTalk about challenging stereotypical roles, (as I was here) a few weeks back I read about a female boxer, Nicole Adams who said :

“You have to be at your fighting weight every day or you will be in trouble”

Speaking as someone who prefers not to weigh herself every day (or ever, in truth) that sounded a bit scary if impressive. Reading about her reminded me of Anne Elliott, one of the very first women I interviewed for my newsletter. Her story was quite remarkable. She had become hugely unfit and overweight and decided to take herself in hand. To say that she succeeded is something of an understatement as she now lectures in Sports Science and has a book on fitness out.

Jane: Do you remember what your first paid job was? How much did you earn?
Anne: When I was 13 my sister and I got jobs on a market stall. It was hard work and a long day for not a lot of money but it was normal then. Of course nowadays as my teenage daughter has found out you have to be 16 to get a weekend job. This worries me. I understand the important need to not exploit children, but at the same time we must instil a healthy work ethic in our young people.

Jane: What were your career thoughts when you left school? Did you go on to further education?
Anne: I was lucky. I had enough raw talent to get my place at Art school while I was still in the lower sixth so I didn’t have the pressure of what comes next.

Jane: Did you have a plan? Or did you react to events as they happened?
Anne: I never really planned past Art school. It was all I wanted to do and to have the opportunity to paint 24 hours a day was sheer heaven to me. I was looked after and cosseted so all I had to think about was Art. I loved my time at college; one of the happiest times of my life. However, I wasn’t prepared for the big wide world afterwards and its many pressures, and the world didn’t really need yet another young Fine Art graduate.

With no plan, I moved through a succession of jobs that with hindsight had only one common thread – communicating information: Fine Art Lecturer, Advertising creative, Film director, stand up Comedienne.

If that’s whetted your appetite can read the full interview with her by clicking here

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