Baby Clothes, Stereotyping, and a Challenge to Marks & Spencer!

We’ve had quite a few babies recently in our extended family so I’ve been spending time in baby/children’s departments.

It’s been interesting.

I was browsing in one of the UK’s more famous stores, Marks & Spencer, and as I glanced across the sections I saw a sea of pinks and frilly stuff (Girlswear) and a puddle of blue, brown and sombre colours (Boyswear).

M & S are missing a trick here. Instead of falling in with the vast majority of retailers and stereotyping our children into adult styles far too soon, they could break away from the herd. Who knows what might happen if boys and girls had brightly coloured clothes, fit for purpose, i.e. playing and exploring? (I even saw a baby grow in the boy’s section with a shirt top and tie- how horrendous!)

Maybe if our boy children were allowed a bit more colour early on in life, the sombre suits that men wear might give way to a bit of colour (not just the odd risqué tie), and maybe women would not be criticised as ‘not being serious’ if they wore bright cheerful clothes to work. How revolutionary.

Come on, M & S, I dare you. Produce some cheerful, colourful children’s clothes and don’t push them into  gender stereotypical adult mode well before their time!

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2 Responses to “Baby Clothes, Stereotyping, and a Challenge to Marks & Spencer!”

  1. Rachel Hubbard says:

    Have you seen the new Let Clothes Be Clothes campaign (from the excellent people who brought you Let Toys Be Toys and Let Books Be Books) about replacing gender specific clothing for young children with adventurous and colourful clothing for both.
    Would make a change. when my babies were small you could buy baby clothes from Mothercare with the Playboy logo on them and no-one seemed as bothered as we were.

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