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Bridget Harris

I am a bit of a latecomer to Pinterest. If you haven’t yet encountered it, this is how Wikipedia describes it:

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. People create and share collections (called “boards”) of visual bookmarks (called “Pins”) that they use to do things like plan trips and projects, organize events or save articles and recipes. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors.

So now you know. Basically you can pin pictures to a virtual board, or have loads of boards on different topics, and add some comments too. It’s fun to browse other people’s and to add to your own. I had only been playing with it really, looking at office design etc (I love good design altho my own office has grown haphazardly and randomly, filled with things that make me feel good like designer silk curtains…) when I realised it was a perfect medium for gathering all my Inspirational Women into one place.

It’s a pretty amazing collection of women and from each picture you can click a link to read the interview with them. I’m also going to collect together another page of inspiring women, my licensed RenewYou trainers. it’ll be great to see them all in one place as they are currently all over the world.

I thought you could also use it to plan your brilliant career, gather together in one place images which ‘speak to you’ of your perfect life, or job. Like an image board that stylists use for interior design. If you do have any, please share in the comments section.

If you’d like to have a look at my Pinterest board of Inspiring Women I can highly recommend it . Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? Seriously though, when you see all of those amazing women in one place you can’t help but be inspired!

By the way, the picture is of Bridget Harris, one of my more recent subjects who bravely called out the UK political party’s Lib Dem Lord for (allegedly) harassing staff. A very brave woman who has been subject to quite a backlash for her stance. You’ll also find Mary Beard, Sarah Beeny, Miriam O’Reilly, Jackie Ballard, Caroline Craido-Perez…

Here is the link to my Pinterest Inspirational Women Board. (I also squeezed in a picture of my Mum on her 80th birthday.  She’s now 85. Hope I look as good.)

I’m running just one London course in 2014 licensing RenewYou specialists and it’s next month. We’re over 80% full but I still have room if you’re interested in women’s personal & professional development. More info here.


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