Are You Passionate?

newoldfriends outside theatre

The question was prompted by a trip to the theatre. Not just any old theatre but watching my son and daughter in law (above),on on the first night of their national tour with Anthony Horowitz’s *Falcon’s Malteser.

After the show the cast came onto the stage to take questions from the children present. How, asked one child, do you become an actor?

This is what the cast replied:

If you really love something just keep trying to do it no matter what anyone says.

Research the field so you know better what you want to do. That means see as much live theatre as possible and find the area you love the best.

If you really love doing something try and find a way to make money from it (greeted with laughter, but sage advice).

Having a job that doesn’t float your boat is soul destroying. But find a job that feeds your passion and you’ll never feel like you’re working!

If you are currently stuck in a job you hate, there are three tips here which will help.

*It is, of course, a brilliant show and I urge you to go if you can. I’m obviously being totally objective….click here for details

Photo of Feargus and Heather outside The Egg Theatre in Bath


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