A Message To Emma Watson: We Salute You

It’s a sad fact that if you are prepared to stand up for what you believe in you will get attacked. Not just a debating of your views, which one must expect, but personal attacks. These are all the more vicious if you are female: women’s voices are not heard easily. (See Mary Beard on this – Do You Listen to Women?)

The actor, Emma Watson, has been experiencing this lately. She has spoken up for gender equality in a speech to the UN. Everyone, of course, has the right to disagree with her views. She went out of her way to say feminism and gender equality is not about men hating and talked of the impact of inequality on men and young boys too. That hasn’t stopped her being the target of much on line abuse.

Which is why I’m writing this post. Emma, thank you for taking this stance. I am sorry and appalled that you have been subjected to the type of misogynist abuse which rather proves your point. This is my humble attempt to redress some of the balance. There are many more ‘silent’ supporters of your views than detractors. We support you and applaud you.

‘Harry Potter girl’, you are doing something very valuable, please keep speaking out about gender equalities and lang may yer lum reek!

Below is a You Tube video of Emma Watson’s speech to the United nation. Please share it.

If the video doesn’t appear, please click this link.

I am on my own mission to inspire and empower women; in fact, I have the grand idea of reaching a million women with my RenewYou programme. RenewYou is a one day programme I wrote to give women the confidence to live the life they choose, to grow more confident and to develop themselves without fear.  To be the best that they can be. We launched last year and to date we have women trainers licensed to deliver this programme in the UK, Australia, South Africa, USA, Pakistan, Canada, Belgium, Thailand and Greece. I’m really passionate about it, about raising the profile of women’s training, about women being more visible at work, about true equality of pay and opportunity,  and I’m looking for passionate trainers to help me. If you’d like to know more, please click this link which will take you to the appropriate page on the Changing People website. Thank you.

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