Your Top Three Tips for 2014

Jane & TrainersWell, I hope we’ll end up with your top tips as well as mine…

To start, imagine you’re asked to share your top three success tips from 2013, what would you say? We’re often spectacularly good at remembering what went wrong but we sometimes need a bit of encouragement to remember what actually worked for us. Mistakes happen, of course, and we can learn from them. Don’t dwell too long on them, however, or you will sap your confidence in your abilities and frankly, make yourself miserable. Focus on what is good and helpful and use that to your best advantage.

Look back over your year. Where did you start from? Did you make the usual resolutions or did you aim a bit higher? Survey after survey says that women are risk averse but I sometimes wonder what measure they are using. What risks did you take in 2013 that paid off for you?

I took a huge risk in 2013 when I decided to licence RenewYou to other experienced trainers. I’d been cogitating on it for the latter part of 2012 but I launched my first trainer’s course in March. I will tell you honestly that just before I started delivering that first course I looked around at the highly experienced trainers in front of me and thought:

‘What if they hate this? What am I doing? This is like a trial by your peers! Am I mad?What if it really only works because I deliver it personally and make it up according to my audience?’ (I only do that last thing a teeny bit…)

Then I asked myself the question I always use. What is the worst that can happen? Apart from my mortification and embarrassment no one could get hurt, and I’d have learned some valuable lessons. I might have had to refund them their money and still pay the venue costs but I figured I could deal with all of that.

And do you know what? They loved it. Their comments were so lovely and generous that I finished the day with tears rolling my face. (Ask that first group of trainers, bless ’em.) In fact, my husband thought something had gone awfully wrong as for ages I couldn’t tell him about the day without gulping back the sobs.

Success Tip Number One

So lesson number one from me is:

  • face the realities
  • imagine being successful, not the alternative
  • ask what is the worst can happen
  • evaluate that risk and then do it with all your heart and soul

If you try your best you cannot really fail as you will always gain something of value.

trainers manual and journalSuccess Tip Number Two

My second lesson is know when you need to bring in the experts. I knew what I wanted in terms of the accompanying book but not how to get the end result. I spent a long time sourcing a printer who could turn what was in my head into reality, and a designer who would give me the logo just as I asked. I found both but it took some time. I could have had a go on my own; it would have been cheaper but it would have been second best. I wanted the best so I asked questions, lots of questions, and made myself learn about printing and design (just enough) to get it.

Success Tip Number Three

My third lesson was in learning to let go and trust others, and delegate where necessary.

I’d been asked many times by many different trainers if I would let them deliver RenewYou and I always said, ‘No, I don’t do that’.

Part of that was because I wasn’t sure how the course would be delivered by someone other than me (oh the arrogance!), and part of it was a reluctance to let go of my favourite course. As Marcia, one of the first trainers said, it was my ‘baby’.

I can remember having a very honest and forthright conversation with myself about this reluctance. I am passionate about helping and developing women and I have been for most of my working life. If I wanted as many women as possible to experience the course I needed help from like minded excellent trainers. It was foolish to think that I could do all I wanted on my own. I had to alter my mindset.

You can delegate and still hold on to what you need, in my case overseeing quality, and learn to let go of what you can. No one gets by without a bit of help from time to time. Give it freely yourself to others when you can, and ask for it when you need it, from the right people.

I have loved this year and the unexpected bonus is that I get to help women trainers develop their business by helping other women. It has exceeded my expectations and I simply LOVE it. I can run my business as I choose, ethically and with kindness and care. I took a risk in March, and in December I am wholeheartedly glad that I did.

Thinking back over your last 12 months what tips would you pass on to others? What have been your successes of 2013 and what have you learned from them to carry forward?

Take the best of you forward into 2014.

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4 Responses to “Your Top Three Tips for 2014”

  1. Philippa says:

    Thanks Jane. Just read your newsletter and I too have had an amazing year. Back in January 2013 I put together dates and venues for monthly meetings for Women in Leadership. I had absolutely no idea how they would go. Would people come? Would they benefit? Well yes they did and yes they have! I have had tremendously positive feedback on the workshops and am planning to start again in 2014. I would agree…Just believe it will work and go for it! Now I am also planning the RenewYou sessions starting in January – exciting times for all of us…

  2. Great advice Jane, I can really relate to this. And as a member of that first groups of trainers, I’m so glad you “took the risk”.

    My achievements this year include getting 3 new projects off the ground: launching a local networking group as part of Fabulous Women, delivering my first RenewYou, and developing an accredited Level 5 Leadership programme.

    The common factor in these projects is that they were achieved in collaboration. The reality for me is that in working with others, I tend to be more successful and definitely have more fun in the process.

    • Jane says:

      Felicity, thank you. You’ve had a brilliant year and I’m so glad you joined me in the RenewYou project one million women! I’ve been loving what you’ve been doing using hangouts to join with the other trainers, and it was lovely that you made a connection with out U.S trainer, Laura. Thank you.

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