Women, What Are You Worth?

By any measure or survey women still earn less than men for similar jobs. I have worked directly with women who have only found out by accident Money by Darren Deanthat their male equivalents were earning more. It’s a discriminatory practice that’s rife everywhere; even the BBC was paying a female presenter (Sue MacGregor) on its flagship radio news programme, much less than the male presenters were getting.

It’s indefensible. When I was at school it was generally accepted that men had to earn more as they had to provide for the family but those days are long gone. I never thought it was right then and I certainly don’t think it’s right now.

One reason is that women tend to be less motivated by money and tend to be less forthright when it comes to negotiating salaries. As a general rule of thumb I always advise my coaching clients to ask for more that they are offered as matter of routine, and do you know what, they often get it!

Be confident of your own worth; don’t let your gender define your rewards. Start with valuing yourself and what you bring to the table, and you may just find it’s infectious. May your stock rise and rise!

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