Women, Lose the Guilt!

Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man
Erica Jong

guilty womanNow I’m not saying that men don’t feel guilt, I’m sure they do, but having worked with women now for decades I know that we women do!

Tell me now, what presses your guilt button, tick all that apply:

  • Working outside the home with kids?
  • Not working outside the home with kids?
  • Not staying late at work?
  • Staying late at work?
  • Not taking the time to exercise?
  • Taking the time out to exercise?
  • Being very career oriented?
  • Not being career oriented?
  • Not making home made pesto?
  • Not knowing that anyone could make home made pesto – it comes in a jar, doesn’t it…?

OK I’ll stop but you get the message. On its own guilt is a pretty useless emotion. Guilt will serve you no purpose whatsoever, except maybe to hold you back or stifle your creativity. Guilt may be giving you a message however, and you may have to listen to that message and take some action.

Take out your guilty secrets and give them a long hard look. In the cold light of day do they really matter? If so, what can you do about them? If there is a remedy try it out. If there isn’t put it back in the dark. If it still niggles at you talk to someone, professional or otherwise. Guilt is like  a mushroom; it likes the dark where it grows well. And you know that life is too short but…. in this case, go stuff that mushroom!

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One Response to “Women, Lose the Guilt!”

  1. Tammy says:

    Yes, I agree Jane. We feel guilty so easily and for so many things. Sometimes we need to examine our guilt in detail and solve the problem instead of turning into negative persons. If we need to discuss it with others then we should do so because then we can learn to deal with it and move on.

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