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LinkedIn logoBe prepared! It’s quite likely that whoever is interviewing you will know quite a bit more than simply the contents of your CV or application.

When someone applies to me to become a RenewYou trainer one of the first things I do is Google them. If I were interviewing for a post I’d do exactly the same thing, and so will your potential employer. It’s a very useful resource and lets me know if they have a social media profile, website, etc. It gives me my first impression; that used to be when you walked through the door but no longer. An image of you is already fixed in their minds and you can control what that is, which is very good news if you get it right.

Before you send in any job application, Google yourself and see what information comes up about you and how secure it is. No one wants an interviewer to have an image of them sleeping off the local wine on a beach in Benidorm that some kindly friend has posted. Check it out and make any necessary alterations. Facebook can be a nightmare but you can edit out your name in other people’s photos and amend your security settings.

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile (if you haven’t got one, I’d recommend you get one as soon as possible – it usually features quite high in the search engines and you have total control.) It also has a capacity for people to leave recommendations so you could actually ask the people you have put down as referees to use LinkedIn as well. Make everything as congruent as possible with information you’ll be supplying on your job application. If the last time you updated LinkedIn was 3 years ago when you wanted a job in the media and are currently applying for a finance job all your information will be skewed the wrong way. Make your LinkedIn profile look like the person who should get that job you are applying for, while being truthful of course!

You can create a good impression before you even walk through the door.

Remember this works both ways too. If you know, or can find out, who is interviewing you, check them out online and get as much information as you can. You never know when it may come in useful!

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