Women, Grab the Opportunity

The world is changing and whether business likes it or not in the next few years there will be more and more women in the workforce. Some women power by asteriscoanalyses suggest that there will be more women than men in employment as soon as 2014.

That should be a cause for celebration but  as most of these studies point out, those women will be earning less and be in less senior positions than their male counterparts.

So how can  you make this opportunity work for you?

I’ve been scanning my thoughts back over the many women I’ve worked with and two things really stand out about the high achievers:

One: they were committed to moving onwards and upwards in their chosen field and prepared to make a few sacrifices to achieve this.  They knew the system was biased in many ways but they had an attitude of ‘I will make this work for me’.  They challenged issues they disagreed with and stood their ground; they had learned to take some of the rough and tumble. Crucially, they knew where they wanted to be and made decisions which helped them nearer that goal.

Two: they were prepared to study in their own time and not simply moan that their organisation wouldn’t send them on courses. Their underlying feeling was ‘I’ll prove them wrong’. I’ve recently had some feedback from women who attended RenewYou about three years ago. It’s so heartening to hear how many of them have followed through on the plans they made that day, including one achieving her degree and several getting promotion. Once they knew where they were going they worked hard to get there.

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