Why Young Women Need Mentors

Yet another *report is published saying woman’s lack of confidence is a barrier to career success. One of the conclusions is that girls need to be encouraged to think about leadership and management at an early age. I was very lucky; at age 17 I was the very first female chair of Young girlthe Medway School’s Council, an event so unusual in 1975 that it made the papers. I am so very grateful to the teacher that encouraged me to take part where I gained invaluable experience and confidence.

A few very simple questions for you today:

  • What can you do to develop and support the next generation?
  • Is there a young woman in your office who might benefit from your wisdom and support?
  • Do you have a mentoring scheme at work? Is yes, are you part of it? If no, could you suggest one?
  • If you run your own business can you make time to help and support young women?

If you are involved in mentoring and supporting the next generation please do tell us how.

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*Chartered Institute of Management-Women in Leadership March 2013

Check out Role Models for Women – does it matter?

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One Response to “Why Young Women Need Mentors”

  1. I own my own business and mentor my assistants, most of whom have been recent University graduates. I give them the opportunity to follow me on my speaking and consulting engagements, to write for Forbes where my business has a blog and to do anything within the scope of our mission (closing the wage and leadership gaps) that they have the ability and desire to do. I also mentor any woman who asks. Because I was a litigator and trial attorney for 25 years, the women who ask me to mentor them are usually young lawyers. Men also sometimes ask for mentoring and I am as happy to mentor them as I am young women. I encourage all women I mentor and with whom I consult to learn their market value and negotiate it.

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