Will You Help Me Celebrate?

I need your help! In a few weeks time I’ll be publishing my 100th Changing People newsletter for women interested in their personal development and I’d love your help to celebrate!

The success of the newsletter is down to the many wonderful women who have shared it among friends, family and colleagues until the readership has risen tenfold. From very small beginnings it now has an international readership of women (and the occasional man happy with his feminine side) all interested in furthering their personal development.

I want to hear about you!

Whether you’ve been reading the newsletter for 4 years, 4 weeks or 4 days I’d genuinely love to know who you are. Simply send me a few paragraphs all about you, telling me when what you do, where you live and when you started reading the newsletter. I’d love to know what you like about the newsletter, what sort of things you enjoy reading.If you like you can add in a tip of your own, or share your favourite book or saying.

I’ll be putting a selection of readers in the newsletter and on the website (*with your permission) so a photo would be good too. I’ll be selecting a few lucky subscribers to receive a surprise gift from my friends at Gift Inspiration (not a paid for link, I just love them) so please add your address if you’d like to be included.

If you don’t get the newsletter simply sign up now. There’ll be a couple more editions before the 100 deadline so you can still enter, all completely free, of course.

*If you’d prefer to remain anonymous I’d still love to hear from you, one to one.

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4 Responses to “Will You Help Me Celebrate?”

  1. Val Huxley says:

    Jane, just reading this, I have realised that I haven’t received one of your newsletters for a few months now! I am going to subscribe again to see if something has happened where its taken me off.

    Anyway in answer to your questions, I love reading your newsletter. I love the women of Inspiration section. It really gives me encouragement to know that each of us have something to give and show others what us Women can do. I have been reading the newsletter since its first publication, but it surely cannot be when I first met you in 2007??

    • Jane says:

      Oh Val, sorry to hear that! Of course, you have inspired many women yourselves too! See Val’s interview via this link. I haven’t taken you off the list so hope it’s not been going in the ‘bin’! This edition we had three interviews with amazing women. If you’ve been reading since the beginning it must be 2007!Thank you for that. Jane

  2. Val Huxley says:

    I have just re-read my interview Jane and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to voice my work all those years ago. So much has happened since that time, tears, sadness, happiness, complete joy – every emotion that’s possible to go through one’s body.

    Thank you for giving the opportunity for all women through your newsletter. Many congratulations on your 100th edition and here’s to the next 100 (*smiles)

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