Why Can’t Women Say Yes?

Are you a woman who finds it difficult to say yes?

I ask this question as I heard a BBC producer recently say that if she asked 12 people to guest on a radio show and 11 were women, probably only the man would say yes at once. And as they are normally working to a very tight schedule, guess who gets on the air? She cited an example of having asked a woman who had authored a serious paper who, when asked to come and talk about it, said;

Maybe it would be better if you spoke to my supervisor“.

Now I don’t sign up to the view that’s it’s all us women’s fault that we are so seriously under represented in the media; we know better than that and there is a lot of history, habit and discrimination at play here.

But if we want to see a better gender distribution in the world with women of all ages being featured as of right, then we need to start to speak up.

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P.S Have done a fair bit of radio myself as you can read here!


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