Three Tips for Growing Older in Style

Getting old is good for you!

I’ve just been asked by a journalist for the Hearst group if I would offer some advice about getting older to women 40 plus. Here’s what I  told her:

ONE:  Never ever put yourself down for being older. Banish from your vocabulary and thinking words such as ‘It’s my age’ or ‘In my day’. These can have an insidious effect and make you feel older than you are. It’s still your day all the while you draw breath so live it to the full.

TWO: Don’t expect to behave like an 18 year old because you’re not and frankly, would you really want to be again?. You’ve lived and loved and are mature and womanly and wise. Focus on all the positives of that wisdom and experience, on what you can do not what you can’t. Don’t try and go back, go forwards!

THREE: Age really is just a number. We are all different. 6 months old babies all react and grow slightly differently and so do adults. There is no age template you have to adhere to. Be your wonderful self and live YOUR life, your way.

And finally ( I can’t count) know that virtually every picture you ever see of a woman, whatever age she is, in a magazine has been photo-shopped and air brushed, yes, even the very young models. In real life they don’t look like that so don’t even think about aspiring to some picture editor’s idea of the feminine form.

You and your wisdom are wonderful just as you are.

The biggest beauty tip of all is confidence. Confidence to be you, comfortable in your own skin. Banish all the negative self talk, tell yourself what a wonderful mature woman you are and get out there and grab your life! You’ll never have looked more gorgeous!

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P.S. The picture is of my dear friend Vicki who married later in life and set off for a new life in France! (That’s not her husband by the way, but a work colleague!)


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2 Responses to “Three Tips for Growing Older in Style”

  1. And after you glide through your forties, you have your wonderful fifties to look forward to . I can personally vouch for that.

    • Jane says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to feel so positive about growing older? My life is full of surprises and huge fun! I feel more liberated now than ever before.

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