Thank You!

How do you feel when people thank you?

book and cardI received a lovely thank you card the other day from a woman I coached a while ago and who came on my RenewYou course earlier this year. At the time of running the course my brand new RenewYou journal hadn’t arrived from the printers and so we sent all the participants their copy last week.

The journal has a reading for every week of the year and she had obviously had a quick skim though as she quoted week 52 at me! This is part of what she (or perhaps that should be ‘I’) wrote:

“…don’t forget to mark out all the good things in life….perhaps just a beautiful card to someone who has been inspirational or helpful to you…”

Without wishing to sound big headed I often get thanks from people I’ve worked with but no matter how many times it happens each is as precious and as welcome as the first. People sometimes assume that if you’re successful/doing well you don’t need that kind of feedback but actually it is wonderful to receive. And each time it makes me think, who do I want to thank?

Thank you

Regular readers will know that I have recently launched a new project to license out my courses to experienced (and good) trainers, starting with RenewYou. I was thrilled with my first group of licensees who gelled into a fabulous group on the day and made it fun too, (you can read their comments here). One of the newly licensed trainers said:

‘You’ve made this look easy but it is clearly the result of a lot of hard work

It was a lot of hard work, anything worth while usually is  But every bit was worth it. It wasn’t all my hard work either; I had a lot of help and support along the way, possibly from folk who didn’t realise they were keeping me on track, like my friends Sharon and Sue. Their support, encouragement (and wine) was a boon. Thank you, darlings!

I am so lucky to have two lovely grown up kids (and one daughter in law) who also ‘get’ what I do, so huge thanks to Laura, Feargus & Heather for their support while I was getting the licensing project up and running, for listening to my worries (there were a few trials & tribulations…) and ‘holding my hand’ when the occasion demanded.

On the final page, final paragraph, of  the RenewYou journal I have written this:

And finally to my darling husband Alastair, who provided me with endless cups of tea, helped me in the search for a good printer, proof read for me, and put up with my being closeted away for days at a time. It’s possible that I might just have been a bit grumpy at times too….


Who are the people you’d you like to thank? Please feel free to use the comments section.

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5 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Jim Connolly says:

    Hi Jane. I wanted to say thank you, for your generous words regarding our work together over the years.

    It’s always a pleasure to work with great people and you certainly fit the bill.

    I appreciate you and it’s wonderful to see you getting all the success you deserve.

    Best as always!

  2. Dawn says:

    It is so nice to get thank yous! I have a lot of people to thank for all their support from my family and friends to my blog readers and the lovely ladies that I have met over the last year. Everybody has been very supportive of me and my adventures along the way. My kids are very helpful even tho they are younger and I thank them often for that. They help me a lot from blog ideas to drawing pictures and writing stories for my blog.

    Thank you for this post and a reminder to thank all of the wonderful people who have been there with me.

  3. Alison says:

    Hi Jane. Glad you like the card. Gratitude as they say is the gift that just keeps on giving….A xxx

    • Jane says:

      I wasn’t going to name you without express permission but seeing as you have ‘outed’ yourself, thank you, Alison! Now I know you read the blog. Cheers darling. Jane

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