Resolution or Revolution? Feminism is BACK!

It’s that time of year when we start making resolutions.

In a month or so it’ll be that time of year when we forget our resolutions…

Instead of making resolutions how about a revolution? A quiet female revolution.

I think it’s been an interesting twelve months for feminism and women’s issues. At times in the past it has felt as if I’ve been totally out of the zeitgeist, an old woman banging on about discrimination against women which only me and a few diehards seemed to care about or actually notice. I even gave a talk at a girls’ school where I was stunned to be asked what feminism was. They weren’t being clever; they genuinely didn’t know.

On the surface it seemed like feminism was a dead cause. Young women now had it all and hadn’t fought the battles of the previous generation; they reaped the rewards and had little to complain about.

At least that’s what it was like on the surface: scratch a bit and a different story emerged. Over the last dozen or so years if you had any group of women together where they were able to talk openly about their experiences at work, a different tale was told. Women were not happy with their lot. Many felt discriminated against and many felt they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they complained. Some even believed that complaining would seriously blight their careers and would rather accept the staus quo than take the risk of speaking out. (If this sounds like you you check out The Women’s Equality Network for help and support)

A quiet (ish) revolution seems to have been taking place. And finally, during 2012 it seems to me that feminism finally became mainstream again. I no longer feel like I am out of step, out of time. The radio has been full of programmes on the topic, and feminism has featured in various guises in news items; the BBC has been roundly and openly criticised for its male equals serious stance/ young women complement old males approach, (started by my dear friend Miriam O’Reilly taking them to court!) and new books on feminism abound.

The issues haven’t gone away but there is an acknowledgement that they exist.

So women, this year, don’t resolve to simply lose weight but revolt until we carry more weight!

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