Play Your Occasional Wrong Notes with Gusto!

Time and time again when women’s advancement (or not) is being discussed we return to the issue of confidence. Confidence is elusive, attractive, and mercurial. You know when you’ve got it and you know when it goes!

On stageThere is pukka research that a lack of confidence in women is a significant factor in women not reaching the top, although if you read my blog regularly or get the newsletter you’ll know that I believe that has as much to do with the way the world rewards male behaviour as it does with something innate in the female of the species, and there is masses of anecdotal evidence too (like the BBC saying women always say no when asked to go on air).

No one is immune from the confidence wobble; it can strike us any time, whatever gender.

I was having this conversation with my *actor son, currently on tour: I was confessing to the odd momentary wobble myself about launching my new venture to some really excellent trainers – there are parallels with delivering courses and being on stage- and he gave me this brilliant quote:

A wrong note played timidly is a wrong note; a wrong note played with confidence and gusto is an interpretation

Isn’t that so true? If we look like we don’t have belief in what we’re saying or doing, our audience won’t believe it either.

So, stand tall, shoulders back, deep breaths, and go out there and believe in yourself!

*If you want to check my adorable son and daughter in law out go to newoldfriends. Obviously they are brilliant!

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