One Page Three Girl I Really Like – Yes, Honestly!

Regular readers will know that I am no friend of The Sun ‘news’paper and it’s obscene daily publication of a topless young woman on page 3 (see this post).

However, I have just come across a Page 3 girl and I think she deserves our full support. She is a great role model and feminist in a place where those two things can be dangerous past times.

Read this and let me know what you think of her. Her name is Mayem Mahmoud.

These are some of my adjectives for Mayem: brave, courageous, amazing, Egyptian, Muslim, feminist. Not an easy collection to live up to.

I’ve had my issues with the I newspaper in the past for it’s lack of independence when it comes to women’s sport in that it follows the herd, and devotes pages and pages to men playing football, but today I salute them for bringing this young woman to my attention.

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