Monday Blues? Some Quick Tips!

Here comes the week! If you have a job you love Mondays are  a good day (every day is a good day). If you’re in a role that doesn’t really float your The equalities network (Stck Xchge sauerkraut)boat, Mondays can be grim, and especially Sunday night.

So here’s a quick tip to revive those spirits.

Resolve to do something positive for yourself and your working life this week. It can be any number of things; the following are just a few ideas:

  • Take a proper lunch break
  • Park a good distance away, or get off the stop earlier and try a bit of fresh air and walking before you hit the office
  • Check out the in house ‘mag’ for any secondment opportunities
  • Pick up the phone before using email and initiate a bit of human contact with a fellow worker
  • Ask your boss how you can make your role more interesting/take on responsibilities (choose your words carefully!)
  • Buy a copy of your ‘trade’ magazine and actually read it.
  • See what courses or in house training might be on offer to you
  • Join, or update your profile on LinkedIn
  • Join, or start a group, on LinkedIn in your area, either geographically or in terms of specialism. I run one on LinkedIn for people interested in Women’s Personal development, for example.
  • Sign up with some local employment agencies

Life is too short to hang around in a job you hate, or even one that is just ‘OK’. You deserve more so make a start on getting it.

By the way, a Gallop survey showed that having a best friend at work was a significant factor in how happy people were with their job. Maybe it’s time to find an ally…?

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2 Responses to “Monday Blues? Some Quick Tips!”

  1. Anita Dow says:

    Some refreshing pick-me-up ideas good for any time, but probably perfect for Monday morning blues.

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