Men Get More Money Than Women. Add in your own date…

A survey of 43,000 workers by the Chartered Institute of Management has ‘revealed’ that on average male managers received bonuses twice as big as their female peers over the last year, £6,442 compared with £3,029. That’s a big, flippin’ gap.

piles of moneyYou could almost put this story out at any point in the last decade; it’s not really news.

While I am not blasé about this information it does make me think ‘tell me something new‘. It’s been this way for a very long time and instead of narrowing, the gender pay gap is widening. So while I welcome having the research to back up my work with women, my heart still sinks each time something ‘new’ comes out. The torrent of information telling women they are not doing so well has had the advantage of fuelling the revival of the feminist movement (hooray for that) and the disadvantage of piling the guilt and victim status on women. Women can feel defeated before they even begin climbing the ladder. Yes, the world needs to change and become more gender equal (what a world that would be) but frankly I’m almost past waiting for that to happen. The patriarchy will not easily let go for gender equality means a more equal distribution and for some men that feels like they must inevitably lose something. Unfortunately men of that ilk seem to be the ones in a position to promote change and they generally haven’t got to positions of power by sharing. So we feminists (both genders) need to sidestep them.

I do not want women to read the latest statistics on earnings, or the gender balance in senior roles, or how the Government steps back from introducing quotas because a teensy weensy improvement has happened, and then to feel helpless and hard done by, like victims in our society. I want them to read it and think, ‘no, not me! I refuse to conform to the role given to me!‘ I want all news of inequality to make them so angry that they will throw caution to the winds and ask and ask and ask and DEMAND again and again until they get just what they deserve!

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