Men Can Be Feminists Too! Check Out Archie Bland

In the spirit of being more gender equal than simply pro women (I know, I know, I fail frequently but I do try, honestly), I wanted to introduce you to Bland,-ArchieArchie Bland. If you’ve not ‘met’ him yet he’s a senior columnist with The Independent newspaper and he calls himself a feminist.

He wrote a fine piece this week prompted by Marks & Spencer shying away in fear from having their latest advertisement described as feminist. Yes, it’s a toxic word, even when selling women’s fashions. Obviously M&S  will just be promoting thick tights, Doc Martens and short hair, yawn, yawn.

Here’s the advertisement to view first:

If the video doesn’t open correctly click this link.

This is what Archie wrote:

I am a feminist. Wow, that sounds ridiculous. I never quite trust men who announce themselves as feminists: I always assume they’re trying to get laid. I tend to think that the best thing a man who considers himself a feminist can do is support women, disagree volubly with idiots, and in general try not to contribute too actively to the patriarchy. Behind every great woman, the saying goes, is a man who didn’t act like a martyr because he had to make his own sandwiches every once in a while.So I don’t really walk the walk. But yes. If it is possible to be one while remaining shamefully inactive, I am a feminist. When the alternative is to be someone who thinks that unequal pay and sexual double-standards and acid attacks on little girls aren’t really worth making a fuss about,…. to read the full article click here.

Once you’ve read it do let me know what you think of ‘womanism’; although in all honesty you won’t be reading much about it here. Unlike dear old Marks and Spencer I have no trouble with the word Feminism! Shout it loud!

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Archie’s photo courtesy of the Independent website.


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