Make a Mess to Improve

We’re in the middle of a bit of decorating at the moment, not a massive project, just sorting out one of the bedrooms but blimey what a mess!  Every callie on office sofaroom in the house seems to have something from that wee room in it, even the cats are discombobulated! As I write this my office sofa is covered with the contents of the linen cupboard. It’s become a full time job keeping one of the cats off it – it’s her regular sleeping place when I’m working. I’ve failed miserably as you can see…

I know the mess will drive me bonkers after a while and I will wish I never started. However, I also know that when it’s finished I will be really pleased and feel that it was all worth it.

Which is like any change we make isn’t it? A bit of chaos/mess/upsetting the old way of doing things is usually required to get where we want to be.

We just need to keep motivated by focussing on the end result.  You can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs and you can’t make significant, positive change in your life without a bit of chaos. We can’t always be in control but if we know where we’re we’re going it makes the inevitable bit of muddle bearable, possibly even enjoyable. At least, if you’re a cat!

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