Lessons in Snow

I live in the south west of England which over recent weeks has been hit with some snow.  I have family in Norway who are chortling into their boots about our inability to cope with a few centimetres of snow but as I was stuck for several hours yesterday and eventually ended up taking refuge in a hotel for the night (only 4 miles from home – how annoying is that?), I reflected it wasn’t only the snow that caused the problem but our fear of it.

The snow came quickly last night on top of more snow but by and large the council were keeping the roads pretty clear. The problem was how folk in their cars were responding to the snow. Most did not know how to drive in the conditions they found themselves in so were instinctively slamming on the brakes and slewing all over the place. Once they’d had this experience they seemed to get even more timid and eventually the traffic ground to a halt. My husband was driving and he is a pretty good driver (did I really just say that?) and snow holds no fear for him. He is safe and knows what to do, and we had a shovel in the boot and a bag of grit! (If you’d like to see some advice on driving in snow check out this BBC information)

Most people in this area of England will only experience snow once a year, if that. And then just for a few days. Despite warnings, we’re generally unprepared for it. We don’t need to spend a fortune on snow tyres for use for what will probably be only a few days each year.

So as I was sitting in my warm snug car going nowhere fast, watching the cars pile up around us, it made me think of how we react to life’s sudden snowfalls, like reorganisation, redundancy, relationship issues, etc. Does unforseen change see you blinded by the snow and fearful of driving through it, or are you prepared as best you can be, with your metaphorical flask, or bag of grit to hand and your knowledge of what gear will help you best?

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