Interested in Women’s Personal Development? This is for you!

Those of you in the field of women’s training will find this interesting! And those of you interested in women’s personal development will too!

RenewYou Journal & FolderAbout six or seven years ago I devised a brand new personal development programme for women. Over the yearsI have been delivering RenewYou, some really excellent trainers have been asking me if they could add it to their repertoire too. Equally numerous are the clients and newsletter readers who have asked me if I would deliver a course in their area. I’m not sure why it took me so long to make the connection but…I did at last and in 2012 began planning the licensing of RenewYou! Now it is possible for experienced trainers to deliver the RenewYou course under licence which means that RenewYou will be coming to a venue near you very soon!

I am a perfectionist when it comes to working with my clients or licensed trainers; I always want you to get the best experience possible. The one day course came about in the first instance as a response to your requests – you wanted a course that would give you time, space and motivation to make positive change but you wanted it in one day, (you’re too busy to take too much time out of work, I know). I set out to design a course which would punch above its weight and have an impact that went well beyond the one day itself. Client testimonials tell me that it’s working!

Jane, RenewYou was well worth the time, effort and money, thank you

The effects of this course have gone well beyond the day itself

And in the spirit of continuous improvement, I have gone further. I have designed and written a journal to accompany the course which will be by your side, motivating and encouraging you, for the next 12 months. Writing it was an absolute joy as I really felt I was making an immediate connection with my reader and had in my mind’s eye all the wonderful women who have benefited from the RenewYou programme to date. The journal comes in at 300 inspirational pages to take you through your year of change with easy opening binding so you can write in it and refer to it as often as you wish.

The first part of the book is for use on the actual day itself with the exercises we use and space for you to record your responses, ideas, and thoughts. It will serve as a useful reminder as you start to put your plans and ideas into action.

It doesn’t end there though. The middle section of the book is packed with 52 articles all about your personal development, one for each week of the year following your course. Some are thought provoking ideas for you to consider, some are full of factual information to further your development, and some are new exercises for you to try.

RenewYou journals 2And in the final section we have 13 inspiring interviews with women, some famous, some not, who have made changes in their own lives and who will inspire you to greater things. I originally planned on having one inspiring woman for each month but I just had to add one more in!

It’s been such fun putting this together and I know you will love it. You’ll get a copy of the journal whether you attend a course delivered by me or by one of our excellent licensed trainers. And if you’ve attended a course in the past and would like a copy to refresh your development do get in touch. I am happy to let Renewyou graduates have it a discounted price!

RenewYou is a course which gives you the tools, motivation and oomph to make really positive change in your life – and with the new 12 month journal we’re with you all the way!

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