I Will Survive!

You can relax, I haven’t gone all Gloria Gaynor on you (although I bet as for most of you the tune of that song started playing in your mind as soon as you saw the heading).

No, not a song title but a mantra for life. I have been busy today researching a couple of fabulous women whom I’ll be interviewing for the newsletter over the next couple of editions.

One is Dr Sue Black who became really well known outside her academic circle when she took on the cause of Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was instrumental in saving possibly millions of lives during the second world war and over half its staff were women. Sue visited one time and hearing that its survival was dependent on the number of visitors it had, set out determinedly to do her bit. You can read more of that when we publish the interview.

I’ve been researching Dr Sue Black and her story is amazing as you can read here. What Sue personifies is that events in your past don’t have to make you a victim today. We all have things we wish hadn’t happened to us, or that we wish we hadn’t done, or where we were the hapless subjects of chance in life, like getting caught up in a road accident or contracting a serious illness.

Much of what happens to us is beyond our control.

But, in the words of Epictetus

We are not touched so much by events themselves but by the view we choose to take of them.

Choose to live your life as fully and as ably as you can. Choose to be a survivor not a victim!

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